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Fineline is pioneering a new model of collaborative entrepreneurship by fostering a learning community and co-operative where creatives can sell their work while developing skills to thrive in a just economy.

Our vision is to help people make. To make art and make sales. To make connections and careers. To make walls and lives more artful.

At the same time, our focus is far from transactional. It’s on purpose and story. It’s on people and community. It’s on helping people make a meaningful difference in co-operation with others. In other words, our vision is to... Make more meaningful.

Learning Hub

Upskill. Share. Connect. 

Fineline offers a space for emerging cultural entrepreneurs to learn business skills, share their experiences building their online business and connect with their peers.


Fineline learning workshops support skills development of emerging artist entrepreneurs.

Check our our latest offerings to  grow your
art business.

Community Forum​

This is a community space for OCADU students and alumni running (or starting up!) their own businesses to uplift and have a connection with one another.


In 2021, OCAD University launched a project with the support of the Future Skills Centre to incubate an art marketplace and a co-op that helps artists and designers grow their business online, while developing cultural entrepreneurship skills. The result is Fineline and the project has been shaped by artists and designers every step of the way. Following a 2021 user research study and collaborative design process, a call for expression of interest to join the first co-op board was released in July 2023. A team of co-op First Directors (bios below) is now in the process of incorporating the co-op to enable co-ownership, co-governance and peer-to-peer support for members.

Mission Statement

The Fineline Co-operative is forming a non-profit, co-operative whose purpose is to help artists and designers grow their business online, while developing entrepreneurship skills in creative businesses.


This includes providing:

  • Education, resources, training and mentorship in creative entrepreneurship

  • Community building, networking and outreach      

  • Capacity building for artists and designers to increase their profile and sales     

  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
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