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Cerise (CJ) Chua

Artist, Fineline Accelerator Grad 2023


CJ is a proudly queer Asian-Canadian on a mission to make the world a little brighter with every piece she creates. They have a deep love for food, hamsters, and the colour yellow. Much of CJ's work is a love letter to the beauty and joy that comes from the messy process of growth and healing.

Why I joined the Fineline Co-op

As a lone, self taught artist, I never got the opportunity to create connections within the Art & Design world. I fell in love with creating and realized I wanted to try and pursue art as a career but never had any idea where to begin! I felt as though I missed out on all the resources and networking that Art School gave you, then I found Fineline! I knew I wanted to be a part of a group that all have the same goal: to support artists and art entrepreneurs alike.

Cerise (CJ) Chua
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