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Nevita Sankar

Multidisciplinary Artist, OCADU Alumni (Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies 2019) & Continuing Studies Grad, OISE Visual Arts Teacher Candidate


Nevita is a multidisciplinary artist based in Scarborough. She works in drawing, painting, film, photography, sculpture and more. These different mediums and forms of working are sometimes brought together into multimedia pieces. With interests in both the sciences and the arts, there is no limit to the direction in which her work can go.

The keen exploration of her many interests has displayed the interconnectedness of her thoughts, and has challenged her to find new ways of bringing them all together in all their varying forms.

Nevita graduated from OCAD University’s Cross-Disciplinary Art program in 2019, with a specialization in Life Studies and a minor in Drawing and Painting. She is currently pursuing her Master of Teaching degree at OISE, with Visual Arts as her teachable subject.

Why I joined the Fineline Co-op

I am interested in community arts development, and sharing knowledge as a group of artists working together and the mentorship/peer relationships that can be built. Being on the co-op board is a great forum for discussions around community project ideation, helping to find often overlooked niches of talent and provide platforms for exploration and elevation of existing artists. There are themes and topics for discussion that are relevant to today's art world, educational institutions and life beyond OCAD U in general that students would benefit from learning more about and being prepared for. Building connections and hosting spaces for that goal is important for achieving those many outcomes.

Nevita Sankar
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