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Pascale Ramalingum

Artist and Fashion Model, IADT Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Grad, Fineline Accelerator Grad 2023


Pascale is an artist and a model based in Toronto. Born and raised on the island of Mauritius, she is an avid learner, full of charm and enthusiasm. As a fashion graduate, her artwork reflects modernism and sensuality. Her creations are very personal and touching, which relates to her past life experience. She is an undeniable romantic and her creations reflect her personality.

Why I joined the Fineline Co-op

As a freelance artist, Pascale understands the difficulties that may arise while running a small business. Joining Fineline Coop will unite all the talents while striving for the same goal of success.

By exchanging knowledge and expertise with like-minded individuals, the Fineline Coop platform helps users establish more credibility.

As a board member, Pascale is excited to collaborate with other artists through discussion, projects, and exhibitions.

Pascale Ramalingum
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