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Tess Hoover

Multidisciplinary Artist, OCADU Continuing Studies Grad, Fineline Co-Lab and Accelerator Grad 2023


Tess Hoover is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Driven by a passion for design, she constantly working on new projects for her personal business, Hoovprints ( // @hoovprints) highlighting and retailing artwork. She is a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Architectural Science program, and recently earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Graphic Design and Visual Communication Skills from OCAD University’s School of Continuing Education.

Why I joined the Fineline Co-op

Tess has embraced her role on the Fineline Co-op after participating in both the Co-Lab and Accelerator programs earlier in 2023. Finding immense joy in connecting with like minded and driven artists in Ontario, her passion stems from a profound belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to enhance the cultural fabric of the community.

Tess sees Fineline as a platform to support local talent. Toronto, a city bursting with creative energy, is home to a myriad of artists whose work deserves recognition. By actively promoting these artists, as well as taking part through her own work on Hoovprints, she is hoping to bridge the gap between artists and the broader community.

Tess Hoover
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