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Vandana Taxali

Entrepreneur and founder of Artcryption, Fineline Accelerator Mentor and Instructor


Vandana Taxali is an art-tech entrepreneur and intellectual property lawyer working at the intersection of art, law and technology skilled at combining her legal acumen with creative innovation.

With degrees in both Canadian and American law, she has adeptly navigated the complex realms of innovative technologies including blockchain, AI, and VR and the metaverse within the creative industries.

As the founder of an art-tech-law platform, Artcryption, Vandana has pioneered a platform that adeptly combines innovative technology to safeguard and monetize creative assets and intellectual property.

She has worked in-house lawyer at CHUM/Citytv/MuchMusic, and as an independent legal practitioner on high-profile projects, including film and movie production legals cross-border.

She is also an art agent/lawyer including for her internationally renowned artist brother, Gary Taxali, amplifying her influence in the art world, including art and brand collaborations including Harry Rosen for launching Taxali artist pocket squares and designing commemorative coins for the Royal Canadian Mint etc.

As an art agent, Vandana works in all areas of artist representation including, curating exhibitions, brand collaborations, and managing international gallery exhibitions. She is also a certified arbitrator and holds a law certificate from Christie's Auction House.

In addition to her role at Artcryption, Vandana is a certified art arbitrator with the International Court of Art at The Hague and actively participates in the Standard Council of Canada's blockchain committee and the Art Identity Standard (AIS), NFT Working Group.

As a consultant for, she champions the integration of innovative technologies like AR, VR, and blockchain in the arts. She is also a certified blockchain professional from York University.

Vandana is an advocate for artists’ rights, especially as it pertains to copyright protection, resale royalties and fair compensation. Vandana's involvement extends to partnering with the Fineline Accelerator supported by OCAD University. Vandana is also a mentor at FuelArts, an art-tech accelerator for artists.

A regular speaker at major conferences, Vandana offers profound insights on intellectual property, artist rights, and emerging technologies like NFTs and AI. Her influential work at the crossroads of law, art, and technology marks her as a key figure shaping the art world's future in the digital age.

Why I joined the Fineline Co-op

I joined Fineline as a director because of its profound commitment to nurturing the careers of artists, designers, and creative entrepreneurs. The coop’s focus on providing mentorship,  and support in art entrepreneurship deeply resonates with my belief in the transformative power of education and community in the arts. 

As an advocate for artists and an intellectual property lawyer dedicated to protecting the rights and creative assets of artists, Fineline serves as a means to further my advocacy. My previous involvement as Vice Chair of Artist Legal Advice Services  for almost two decades deepened my commitment to ensuring artists have the legal support they need, a principle that resonates with Fineline's mission of empowering artists. 

With a strong background in IP, entertainment, and art law, including a law certificate from Christie's Auction House, I bring a nuanced understanding of the legal challenges faced by creatives in the evolving digital landscape. My belief in the power of art to facilitate societal change aligns with Fineline's focus on nurturing and promoting artists who can make meaningful contributions to our society.  My knowledge of innovative technologies such as AI, NFTs and the opportunity to act as a mentor to artists in the Fineline accelerator has been deeply rewarding.  The partnership between Fineline, digiArt and Artcryption in the NFT accelerator enhanced the educating and training of artists in innovative technologies like blockchain etc. 

As a director, I can contribute my legal expertise, passion for artist advocacy, and belief in the transformative power of art, fostering a community where artists are not only celebrated but also equipped to thrive in a dynamic cultural economy.

Vandana Taxali
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